June 28

The Fast-Rising Women In Present-day Country Music Part II

We have talked about The Fast-Rising Men Of Present-day Country Music. Now, let us take a look at nine women who could do the same. It has been well known that most women of Country are outdoing the men when it comes to the quality of music. Therefore, here is a list of women who could still support the element of country music if only given a chance. We have talked about Ashley Monroe, Valerie June, and The Trishas on our The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part I. Get ready for our second set.

The Fast-Rising Women In Present-day Country Music Part II 1

Lindi Ortega

“Spectacular” is one word to describe Lindi Ortega. Lindi’s style is both hip and classic, and it cuts through old lines of taste to tie fans of any good music. Her fierce independent vein is probably something that will always keep her soaring more around the channels of music. It does not mean she does not have a voice or a unique set of songs. She does have songs fit for the masses. Try listening to this one.

Kellie Pickler

Aside from having won Dancing With The Stars, and combining her American Idol celebrity credentials, Kellie Pickler could impose really good music with her blend of celebrity and substance. She has struggled, but Kellie Pickler already has her fair share of the limelight. However, she left all of that behind to follow her desire for traditional country music. A label loaded her but was reluctant to give her music the courtesy it deserved. Pickler had great music from the start, which left everyone puzzled on how it went disregarded by country radio. If simply given the chance, her “Kellie Country” album could smash the pop party at the top of the country charts.

First Aid Kit

These mesmerizing sisters from Sweden are a perfect example of how you can take an earnest passion for the traditional foundations of country music. First Aid Kit permeates their music with a more advanced, more modern sound to make them collectively pertinent to the current ear. Their close accords and ear for composition are supreme in country music right now.

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First Aid Kit, Kellie Pickler, Lindi Ortega

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