July 2

The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part III

We have talked about The Fast-Rising Men of Present-day Country Music. Now, let us take a look at nine women who could do the same. We all know that most women of Country are outdoing the men when it comes to the quality of music. Therefore, here is a list of women who could still support the element of country music if only given a chance. We have talked about Lindi Ortega, Kellie Pickler, and First Aid Kit on our The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part II. Get ready for our last set.

The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part III 1

Holly Williams

Does the last name sound familiar? It should. It is amazing how some get so unfocused from being themselves as they chase low actions of success. Holly Williams may not even know herself until she decided to avoid herself of squabbling label producers and the potentials of what being the progeny of country royalty should be. She merely opened up a window to her soul and started singing. Her album The Highway has put her right there in the pool of strong country women trying to lead the music in a more substantive direction. A Williams pureblood, she is!

Rachel Brooke

Rachel Brooke is the Emmylou Harris of our time. Her albums and the albums of others that she is on will give you the same stinging feeling you had the first time we heard Emmylou blend with Gram on “Grievous Angel.” Rachel’s voice should be all over country albums. She should be jumping the continent backing up studio sessions. She has also cut her own much-admired records. Her voice is a national reserve that is totally wrong for us not to tap.

Cary Ann Hearst (Shovels & Rope)

In the emptiness of The Civil Wars break, Shovels & Rope and their reliable and determined music has touched the mother of all anxieties of music fans. Carry Ann Hearst is the primary agent for it all. With vocals like Loretta and songwriting cuts like Dolly, she is aggressive to take Shovels & Rope to a completely new level. They have recorded an episode of Austin City Limits, played Letterman, and has been rising up the music tree like no other band of their assorted physique.

Who did you like the most? Follow this The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music trail by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


Cary Ann Hearst (Shovels & Rope), Holly Williams, Rachel Brooke

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