June 28

The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part I

The Fast-Rising Women of Present-day Country Music Part I 1

We have talked about The Fast-Rising Men Of Present-day Country Music. Now, let us take a look at nine women who could do the same. It has been well known that most women of Country are outdoing the men when it comes to the quality of music. Therefore, here is a list of women who could still support the element of country music if only given a chance.

Valerie June

Valerie June’s first significant appearance was during the 2013 ACM Awards. She had  a duet role with Eric Church during his song “Like Jesus Does.” June definitely wowed the audience being announced spontaneously and unexpectedly. However, that was just the very beginning. That instant very well may all be undermined when her album Pushin’ Against A Stone, puts her in the best company of country women leading an artistic uprising. Do not rest on liking her. Valerie June will is a walking in country music.

Ashley Monroe

A name of a female country artist, artist of any gender with a traditional sound. Ashley Monroe really did compose herself as one of the classic women of Country at the brink of her break. She signed to a major label and had been on the mainstream’s radar. Monroe is one-third of the group The Pistol Annies. She is one of the selected few artists who can run with the big boys on Music Row but still does it her own way. No doubt, she is a woman with sad eyes the size of Cajun tires, with a sincere voice modulated with so much pain, and a firmly old-fashioned fix to her songwriting. And now, she really is making her traditional country music style big time.

The Trishas

The Trishas cut high on every one of the major music food groups. This band became the heart of the Texas music scene. The Trishas has class, character, originality, four-part harmonies, and fully advanced songwriting. Moreover, they bring you to a great vibe once you pitch these four talented ladies. They are The Dixie Chicks of the new century and the Pistol Annies for the rest of us.

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Ashley Monroe, The Trishas, Valerie June

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