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“Travelling On:” Faron Young’s Song From His First Gospel Album

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This place we are living in is only a temporary home for us. We are not here to stay forever, we are only traveling here until we reach our home. However, we have to face the challenges of every day while we are here on earth. But we do not have to worry because God is still with us. He will guide us and protect us from every evil thing in this world.

“Travelin On” Content

“Traveling On” is a single in Faron Young’s first gospel album, My Garden of Prayer. The song has a beautiful meaning about traveling our way to our permanent home known as heaven. While we are here on earth we must not worry about what will happen to us. Rather, we must only keep our eyes on the Lord. When we focus our energy on God, we will live every day with peace and happiness before we reach heaven. Moreover, the song invites the listeners to be part of God’s people and join them as they live a life marching towards an everlasting place. Therefore, while we are here on earth let us know God and let Him be part of our like so He can lead us to a place He is preparing for us.

My Garden of Prayer, First Gospel Album

Faron Young’s first gospel album is My Garden of Prayer. He released his album under the Capitol records in 1959. His album contains some original and covered gospel songs. His single “Traveling On” was written by Audrey Grisman and it is a traditional gospel song. Here is Young’s track list from his album My Garden of Prayer.

  1. “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”
  2. “He Knows Just What I Need”
  3. “Now I Belong to Jesus”
  4. “My wonderful Lord
  5. “My Home Sweet Home”
  6. “Beautiful Garden of Prayer”
  7. “Suppertime”
  8. “May the Good Lord Blass and Keep You”
  9. “What Can He Do”
  10. “When I’ve Learned Enough to Live”
  11. “I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone”
  12. “Traveling On”

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