February 8

Far Over the Sea, There’s A Beautiful Home’ Waiting For Us

I have to admit, this will be the first time I’ll ever hear Williams Hanks Sr.’s unreleased recordings. One list I came across today is his sacred songs. We have read a lot about Hank Sr.’s life. He enjoyed so much fame and euphoria, and these things lead him to vices.

What we don’t know is behind the twists and turns in his life, he recorded several gospel songs.

Mother’s Best Flour Radio Shows

Most accounts represent Hank Williams Sr. as a lonely and lost young man driven to drink himself to death. And, he truly was larger than life character. However, the happy crew who woke Nashville in 1949 to 1951 sounded anything but forlorn. In 1951, when Hank Williams was at the height of his fame, he recorded some radio shows for the millers of Mother’s Best Flour. The show engaged the rural and mostly female audience, pushing biscuit and cake flour, cornmeal, and livestock feed products. Mostly,  they heard informal joking between Hank, announcer Louie Buck, and the Mother’s Best Music Makers (Williams’ backup group, ‘The Drifting Cowboys’). It positively painted a picture of a music man enjoying life and singing.

First on the List, ‘A Beautiful Home’

When those shows were finally recalled many years later, they revealed a side of Hank Williams that the rest of the world had never seen. ‘Sacred Songs II: The Unreleased Recordings’ includes 15 songs from those long-lost radio programs. These are the hymns that Hank Williams learned at his mother’s side in the rural clapboard churches of South Central Alabama. First gospel song on the list is ‘A Beautiful Home’.

My favorite stanza,

There’s a beautiful home, far over the sea,
There’s a beautiful home, for you and for me,
And it’s glittering pow’r, the sun outshines,
And that beautiful home, someday shall be mine.

It is stating that that beautiful home is far and is almost out of our reach. We may not be able to go there anytime we want. But, the singer is saying, when it’s time, that beautiful home will totally be within our reach. It is for you and for me. It is for us. It’s just sitting there waiting for us.

A beautiful home that God is preparing for us. In His time, we’ll all see each other in that mansion of bliss.

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