October 26

Why Fans Hold Anne Murray Dear to their Hearts

One of the finest and most breathtaking country, pop, and adult contemporary singers of her time, Anne Murray has surely moved so many hearts and touched so many lives with the albums and singles she’s produced. Singing about love, heartbreak, life, and trying to see the positive even in the darkest of times, her music and her influence continues to be celebrated by her fans worldwide.

It’s not every day that we encounter artists who would continue to have such a strong impact on their fans even after their rise to fame has dwindled down. Some artists are simply forgotten, while others are unfortunate to have had to undergo a major twist in their career that may lead to their downfall. At the same time, more new artists emerge yearly in the country music scene, and so it takes more than a legendary collection of albums for one artist’s presence to transcend through time.

But like her fellow legendary musicians, Anne Murray is different. She possesses qualities that show she is just like her fans—someone who is very relatable and simply down-to-earth.

Anne Murray has an innately warm personality that easily draws people to her. Whether she is onstage performing or is simply out meeting fans or doing her daily rituals, she continues to uphold family values and the sincerity that she has always projected in her songs. That said, it is no surprise that Murray would rigorously involve herself with so much charity work throughout the course of her career. She used her fame to give back to her community, keeping the people in need at the top of her priorities wherever she went. In July 1989, she opened a Canadian charity that helped the locals in her hometown, Springhill, Nova Scotia, find employment. She has also put up The Anne Murray Center, an organization dedicated to promoting tourism and sharing the beauty of Canadian music to the world.

 Murray has given hope to her fans by showing that not everything in showbiz is supposed to start and end with a tragedy. Refreshingly, she had lived her personal life so peacefully and happily, that people aspired and believed that such happiness is still achievable no matter how times and people may change. After marrying music producer Bill Langstroth in 1975, she was blessed with two kids, one of whom shared her talent and love for music.

Another trait that makes Anne Murray so well-loved by her supporters is the fact that she started out as an ordinary person chasing her dreams. This aspect of her life is something that fans can definitely feel so closely attuned to. She exemplifies that not all the glitz and glamour are simply handed down by sheer luck. Murray showed fans that in order to be successful, hard work and perseverance are definitely important.

Last but not the least, Anne Murray proudly represented her Canadian roots to the world. She has paved the way for many of her fellow Canadian singers to step into the limelight, leave their comfort zones, and show the world just how much amazement they can bring with their pure talent and unhinged passion for entertaining people.

We can go on and on about all the many other wonderful things about Anne Murray. But no matter how long this list can stretch on, one thing is clear for us and for her fans: Anne Murray is simply amazing inside and out.


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