September 11

Why Am I A Fan of Don Williams?


Why Am I A Fan of Don Williams? 1
1.His songs reflect his heart and soul.

As poems are to poets and novels to writers, songs are singers’ mode of sending their message to the world. A song, no matter how good the lyrics are, won’t speak nor move listeners if the singer has no experiential basis for it. This is the timeless element in all of Don’s songs and performances which appealed to fans. His music was not just heard. It was also felt.

2. A gentleman with a gentle voice.

Yeah, I know that is stating the obvious, but could you blame me? Well, I always find it a pity when a good song with meaningful lyrics gets ruined by a singer’s attempt for creative vocals. It happens to most singers, yes, and nobody’s taking that away from them. As for Don Williams though, be it in an album or on stage, we would not want him changing his delivery of songs. He sounds just fine perfect with his smooth, calming, and heart-warming voice.

3.  He serves his music, not gimmicks

Don is a man who knows the value of his crafts. More than fame and record sales, sincerity and authenticity in his music are what matters to him. Hence, he did not give in to the pressure of following trends. Loyal fans caught on that and were grateful that he did.

4.  You could not outgrow his songs. 

That’s true, at least for me. From his first song (Lord, I hope this day is good) which I’ve heard back in my senior high to my adult years, Don has been schooling me about life through his songs. I would grow old with them, and they would be there for me.

Sir, it has always been a pleasure and an honor listening to your music. Such is the kind that is meant to stay for a while longer.

No. Don Williams’ music won’t stop playing at his passing. All those who were impacted by his songs would keep his memory afresh.


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