July 21

Before you ‘Fall to Pieces,’ Watch Patsy Cline’s last Fragments on our TV Screens

Everyone was dead clueless that her TV appearance on Glenn Reeves Show was the last time Patsy Cline would grace anyone’s television screen and it was an eerie choice that she chose to sing “I Fall to Pieces” when no one knew it was the last performance of her life.


Patsy Cline singing I Fall Into Pieces

I Fall to Pieces, Patsy Cline

The era of the 1960s is a good time for country music and for Patsy Cline’s career. In 1961, Patsy Cline released her album called ‘Showcase’ bearing ‘I Fall to Pieces’ as a single. This is a very historic moment for Patsy Cline as ‘I Fall to Pieces’ marked Cline’s first number one hit on the country charts and second hit single to cross over onto the pop charts.

Classified as a country music standard, Patsy Cline was a bit reluctant back then to record the said song mainly because it does a cross over to pop which back then was not Cline’s forte and style. In the end, Patsy Cline agreed to the style and recorded the song. It resulted in a groundbreaking performance resulting in Cline shattering barriers between country and pop.

In 1977, Loretta Lynn released an album called, ‘I Remember Patsy’ paying homage to the late songstress and ‘I Fall to Pieces’ is one of the covered songs.

Last TV performance, the Untimely demise

“And I will never forget that gorgeous white chiffon dress she wore. I thought, ‘My God! She sings like an angel, and she looks like one.’ She was just beautiful. It seemed she sang so effortlessly.

She just did it so easily. I remember that night that they just screamed and yelled when she did ‘Bill Bailey.’ She sang the fire out of it — like it had never been sung. She was really happy that day.”

Those are the words of Dottie West, Cline’s good friend during an interview for the video biography of ‘The Real Patsy Cline.’

After her TV performance, Patsy Cline performed on March 3 1963 for a benefit concert in Kansas City at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

It was until March 5 1963 that Patsy Cline’s news of death shocked the world and if everyone could have know, all could have glued themselves on their TV screen watching as one of the most loved country artists give the performance of her life.

Watch her last moments on TV here:



i fall to pieces|Patsy Cline

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