May 7, 2018

“When I Fall in Love”: Wynonna Judd Turning it Country Style

wynonna judd when i fall in love

“When I Fall in Love” is a classic jazz song made popular by jazz singer Nat King Cole. However, it wasn’t Cole who first recorded the love song. Written by Victor Young and Edward Heyman and first recorded by Jeri Southern. The song was a standard classic that made most artists want to record it. Indeed, you can hear a lot of versions of this song.

First Cover: Doris Day

In 1952, the first version of the song was that of Doris Day. It was also the first time that the song entered the Billboard charts. However, Nat King Cole’s version was by far the most well-known version. King recorded the song in 1956. It peaked at the US charts. Furthermore, the song entered the UK charts too. After that, many versions were released by famous artists.

Other Cover

Other versions of this song were recorded in their own style, including Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers, The Carpenters, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Jones and Rick Astley. Natalie Coles’ version was recorded in two styles. First, she recorded it solo in a smooth jazz version, and the second was a virtual duet with her father.

Celine Dion Version

Celine Dion recorded a version of this song with Clive Griffin in 1993. It was intended for the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Moreover, the song has been nominated a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo Performance and won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist.

Wynonna Judd Version

Wynonna Judd made it better by turning a classic jazz song into an unforgettable country song. She released the song in 2009 as part of her album Sing: Chapter 1. Her album was a collection of classic songs that she grew up with. Attempting to make a cover for the songs by incorporating her own style to each of it, while playing it safe for other songs in her album.

“When I Fall in Love” Content

“When I Fall in Love” is a simple and understandable song. Here the narrator simply speaks of giving his love wholeheartedly and with no hesitations. When he or she is in love, the narrator will not think twice to give it away. Furthermore, it narrates how or what he or she will do if ever they are in love. Therefore, you can dedicate this song to someone you love to let them know that they’ll be the only one.

Whichever version you prefer to listen to it’s still amazing, however, the country version of the song is one of a kind. Here’s Wynonna Judd’s country version of the classic “When I Fall in Love.”

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