November 3

Marty Raybon and His Dad: Fathers Passing the Baton of Faith

More than the love for music, Marty’s dad passed on a greater legacy to his sons; an enduring faith. It was for that same reason that Marty and his brother Tim did not go off-track and had maintained a good reputation throughout their career. With their dad on board in their band, Shenandoah, the two brothers had guidance in properly stewarding their success and money. So when he finally laid to rest, Marty had only good words to say about their dad.

“I probably love music because of my dad [who passed in 2005]. He loved it, and you could tell how much he loved it. And the love that my brothers and I have for it, I honestly believe that’s where it came from.”

Raised a southerner, Marty’s songs reflect the values he had been immersed in. But he did not just sing them. He lived them. No wonder we have not heard any bad publicity about him. Still, he had his share of setbacks. His first wife divorced him for spending too much time at work, a shortcoming he sincerely admitted and graciously accepted. Having learned his lesson, he saw to it that the same heartbreak won’t happen in his second marriage. In fact, in one interview with RoughStock, Marty was quoted saying,

“I love the woman I’m married to now, and have been for over 25 years now, but I’d probably have been married to 33 years or so if my ex-wife hadn’t decided that she didn’t want to be married any longer.  Anyway, a lot of that was my fault because I worked all the time and when I wasn’t working, I was playing music on the weekend.”

True to his words, Marty valued his family above fame and money. He is a talented singer-songwriter with a promising future ahead of him. Yet, he willingly stepped back from the demands of celebrity success so he could devote more time to raising a family.

Listen to Marty Raybon as he musically reminisces with “Daddy Talks to Jesus.”

Years later, Marty sang, “I’ve Seen What He Can Do.”


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