September 26

A Hymn to Keep Joy, Faith, and Hope in the Midst of Trials

Have you accepted Jesus in your life yet? If so, what has He done in your life thus far? Is opening your heart out and letting Him in worth it? If Jesus Christ is reigning at the center of your life, there’s no way you’d answer no to the questions above. Definitely, Jesus is the most precious treasure we could ever have. With Him in our lives, there’s nothing else to look for because He can satisfy us completely. Therefore, if you haven’t opened the door of your heart to Christ yet, now is the time to do so. Listen to His knocking and more importantly, respond to it.

And if you still ain’t convinced of the happiness He brings to anyone who follows Him, let this beautiful hymn help you out. “Since Jesus Came Into My Life” joyfully praises the wonderful works of Christ’s hands in the lives of those who accepted Him. The song is overflowing with joy which is really contagious. But, did you know that the feel-good song has a poignant story? Read further to find it out below.

The Heartbreaking but Moving Story Behind the Hymn

Rufus Henry McDaniel had been preaching since age 19. He eventually became a minister of the Disciples of Christ Church in 1873. For McDaniel, being a blessing to others especially to those who are in the midst of suffering was his greatest calling. It was his ultimate desire that with those hymns he wrote, he’ll be able to uplift those struggling souls and let them adore God.

In early 1913, a tragedy struck their family and let him become the subject of struggle. His youngest son died. For a father, nothing could be more heart-shattering than seeing your child die early. But instead of allowing his sorrow to devour him, McDaniel had thought of a way to divert his attention. Accordingly, music became his outlet. He sat down and began writing the lyrics to the hymn “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart.” While doing so, he’s been considering those words as a reminder to preserve his faith and hope while maintaining joy in times of difficulties.

True enough, if you have Christ in your life, no matter what trial or hardship you face, He’s always there to delight you. He’ll direct your path to where you’ll experience the fullness of His love and mercy. Hence, your worldly pain and sorrow became temporary and would eventually disappear shortly. Then life becomes even more beautiful and meaningful for you.

Below is a jovial singing of “Since Jesus Came Into My Life”

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Faith and Hope in the Midst of Trials, Rufus Henry McDaniel, Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

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