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Faith Hill’s Uplifting Version of “There Will Come a Day”

Faith Hill’s Life

Faith Hill is a professional singer and record producer. At an early age, she started performing in public events. Further, she also experienced singing in churches. However, she quit school and pursued her singing career. She had sold more than 40 million albums all over the world. Moreover, she received numerous major awards from her songs. She was also named as one of the Most Powerful Women in America. She married another country artist, Tim McGraw. Both had numerous song duet released and became a music hit.

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, it's your love
Photo Credits: Faith Hill/Official Facebook Home Page

Faith ranked number 1 on Adult Contemporary artist and also ranked number 39 as the best artist. In 2019, she will be receiving a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. She proves herself not just an ordinary woman but an amazing superstar. Further, she is also a loving mother and a thoughtful wife.

“There Will Come a Day”

Faith Hill "There Will Come a Day"
Photo Credit: Faith Hill/ youtube.com by Screengrab

There Will Come a Day” is a song recorded by Faith Hill. This song was included on her album “Breathe.” This album was her 4th studio album. Moreover, the album was released November 1999 and become a success to her career.

There’s a better place, where our Father waits
And every tear He’ll wipe away
The darkness will be gone, the weak shall be strong
Hold on to your faith

This stanza would emphasize that God is with us through our bad and good times. Problems will come into our life and that is normal. We face challenges for us to be a better person. Sometimes, if challenges came let our prayers, be stronger. God teaches us to surrender everything to him. We may not tell him everything but God sees everything we do.

The main thought of this song is that there will come a day where all your sufferings and sadness will all turn out into an unending blessings and fulfilled happiness. Just try in the Lord because he knows what is the best for us.

In a situation where you cannot already find peace learn to talk to God because he is the only one who could help you.

You could also like to visit her website and Facebook page for more updates.


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