October 28

Patsy Cline’s “Faded Love” and Why She’ll Remain Timeless

It has been a universal fact that everything eventually fades away but that is not always true when we are talking about the classic act of songstress, Patsy Cline. As one of the few women who spearheaded and paved way for other women to thrive in a world dominated by men, Patsy Cline, and her influence would remain as engraved stories of triumph and tragedy between the lines of her classic songs. In one way or another, people would still be able to go back to her ‘Crazy’ achievements and how everyone would still ‘Fall to Pieces’ after her tragic death in a plane crash.

Faded Love, Patsy Cline

This classic Western Swing, ‘Faded Love’ was written by The Willis clan composed of Bob Willis, John Willis, and Jack Willis and was originally released in 1950. It is a sentimental ballad about a recollection of a love that was lost while it is being narrated through a series of metaphor.

Flash forward to 1963 when Patsy Cline was already a bankable female country artist and has already established her reputation as someone who successfully did crossovers from country to pop without losing her country roots. Her songs had already created impact in the entire world when she decided to do a cover of ‘Faded Love’ It was expected that her version was a huge hit reaching number 7 on US Country charts.

In other fragments of the could have been’s in the Patsy Cline story, the said song was intended to be released on a studio album but the airplane crash that ended Cline’s life shifted the song’s direction otherwise. Instead, it was released four years later after her death in Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits.

Patsy Cline and her greatness would never be equaled by any artist and that is just one of the very reasons why she’ll remain timeless even if those days have already faded.

Listen to her recording of Faded Love here:


Patsy Cline, The Willis, Western swing

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