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The Different Renditions of the Gospel Song “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow”

When life is tough, we begin to feel discouraged because we think that there is no hope anymore. However, despite all the trials and hardship, Jesus is with us. He will support us and help us get through all the challenges. Therefore, if you feel sad and cheated in life, always remember to pray and trust God. At first it may seem that nothing is happening, but eventually, you’ll notice it. “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow” is a gospel song that proves to us that we are never alone, and we don’t need to be discouraged.

“His Eyes Is On The Sparrow”

In 1905, Civilla D. Martin wrote the words to the song “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow.” Charles H. Gabriel was responsible for creating the melody of the song. The first time the song was recorded was in 1911 by William McEwan. However, it was released in 1912. After the release of the first version, other artists began to record it. Some of the artists who covered the song were Mahalia Jackson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Dottie West, B.J. Thomas, Alabama, Whitney Houston, and many more.

The Inspiration Behind the Song

The words to the song came to Martin when she and her husband met a couple in New York. The name of the couple was Doolittle. Mrs. Doolittle was bedridden, and Mr. Doolittle was handicapped. However, despite their disability, they remained to be happy persons. When Martin’s husband asked Mr. and Mrs. Doolittle what is the secret to their happy life, her answer was simple yet awakening. She said,

“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

These words became the inspiration for Martin to compose the hymn “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow.”

Different Versions

Listed here are some of the artists’ version of the song.

Ethel Water is best-known for recording this song. She recorded the song for the film The Member of the Wedding.

Mahalia Jackson recorded this song in 1956 for her gospel album Bless This House.

In 1967, Dottie West released a country version of the single “His Eyes Is On The Sparrow.”

Here’s the Statler Brothers’ live performance of the song in 2012.


Civilla D. Martin, dottie west, Ethel Water, his eyes is on the sparrow, Mahalia Jackson

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