April 25

“His Eyes is on the Sparrow”: The Positive side of Life

dottie west his eyes is on the sparrow

What do you do when you feel that you are alone or when you feel like life is pressing you with too much burden? Do you talk to a friend? Run somewhere else? Or do you pray? We all have our own ways to get through the things that burden us or hurt our souls.

From Negative to Positive

It’s always tempting to let the darkness consume us and live inside of us. It’s easy to absorb all the negative energy that we encounter every day in our life than to see the good in things. Staying positive is difficult. It actually requires a lot more of work and of energy to be a happy and positive person. Furthermore, you have to look past through the faults of people who are mean to you and understand them. All of that combined together is called work, and to be honest we don’t like work.

“His Eyes is on the Sparrow”

Today I present to you a song that is not only about God, but also about staying positive and happy in the midst of everything that is going on in our lives. Dottie West sings a beautiful and inspiring country gospel song entitled “His Eyes is on the Sparrow.” The song was written by Civilla Martin in 1905. It is a gospel hymn covered by various artists from 1951 to 2014. West included this song in her Christian album Dottie West Sings Sacred Ballads. It was her first gospel album to be recorded. Furthermore, this album helped her to be nominated a Grammy award for Best Sacred Performance.

The Song’s Content

“His Eyes is on the Sparrow” is a very inspirational song. It’s something that will give us hope and light as we travel this world that is consumed with darkness. There is too much burden in life, and it’s difficult to see the positive side of it. However, the only secret to a happy life is to always set your heart out to the Lord and He will comfort your soul. All we really have to do, even if it’s challenging, is to believe that God is watching over us. Knowing that will get you through anything in life.

Here’s the song for you, to keep you positive in this life that is full of negativity.

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dottie west, his eyes is on the sparrow

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