July 6

“Everywhere” is Another Old Soul Single like Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney is truly one of the gifts to country music. His style, choice of music, and most of all, his temperament in embracing his roots are undeniably one of a kind. Indeed, he is catering us with country music we’d love hearing over and over. “Everywhere” is another single from Mo Pitney that suits the country music obsessive’s taste. The melody and the lyrics can make you sing along with the rising star with an old soul.


The song was released in 2017 as part of Mo Pitney’s album “Behind This Guitar.” The album also includes his singles “Country,” “Boy And A Girl Thing,” “Clean Up On Aisle Five,” and many more. Despite the low response from a wider audience, there are still people fully believing in the power of his talent to penetrate the hearts and souls of the country music scene.

Mo Pitney Behind This Guitar

Morgan Daniel Pitney is a 25-year-old native of Cherry Valley, Illinois. He was born on March 24, 1993. Pitney began playing drums at the age of six and guitar at the age of twelve. With his urge to play and improve more, he also learned how to play the banjo. He formerly played with his brother and a friend in a band plainly of Bluegrass Country songs.

Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney firstly debuted at the Grand Ole Opry where he received a standing ovation. Then, he released his very first single “Country.” The song received positive feedbacks since it shows the old country in him. However, it didn’t top the country charts. Mo Pitney is living proof of never giving up. He is fighting his position of real country music. Someday, somewhat, he will earn his prominence he deserved.

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