November 16

“Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)” by Dan Seals and Bob McDill

“Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)” is a song co-written by Dan Seals and Bob McDill. Co-writer Seals, an American country music artist, recorded it. Released in March 1986 as part of the album Won’t Be Blue Anymore—its third single. After just a month, Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)” peaked at the top in both the US Hot Country Songs and Canadian RPM Country Tracks. It was Seal’s 10th country chart song and was on the charts for 23 weeks.

As said by some, songwriters say that some tracks were almost too easy to write while others were more like “pulling teeth”. According to Bob McDill, Dan Seal’s “Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)”, his 1986 hit, was one of those teeth pulling tunes.

Bob commented:

 “Dan Seals and I worked on that song for several months. I always wanted to write a great rodeo song and Dan wanted to write one too. So we put out heads together and came up with that one. But it wasn’t easy. In fact, writing that song was sort of like pulling teeth. It took months and months to get that song right. But we finally finished it and the record turned out great. I’m really proud of that song. That’s one of those songs that I would not change a word in”.

In the song, the narrator is not on good terms with his wife who was popular on the national livestock rodeo circuit. Left alone, he raised their daughter Casey. He and Casey compete at various rodeo competitions. Throughout their journey, the narrator mentions Casey’s constant prying about her mother. The narrator falls short of answers Casey can understand, especially since his wife does not keep in contact with them. Despite the separation, his love remains for his wife and his hope lives that one day they will reunite.

The Videos of “Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)”

A live performance of the song is the first that appeared in 1986 to support the single.

The second music video is directed by Neil Abramson that appeared in Seals’ video compilation, A Portrait (1991).

In the 1970’s, Dan Seals was part of the England Dan and John Ford Coley duo which made their mark on Soft Rock. Their 1976 hit “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” is known. After releasing 11 albums and nine singles, the duo disbanded.

Between 1983 and 1994, Seals launched his country music career. His success is marked by 25 songs on the country charts eleven of which are number one hits.

In 2009, Dan Seals passed away.



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