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“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”: Murphy and Chesney Assure Us


“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”: Murphy and Chesney Assure Us 1David Murphy Lee and Kenny Chesney / (Photo credit: Youtube)

Country music artist David Lee Murphy has done something different for his fifth studio album No Zip Code. The album’s lead single “Everything’s Gonna Be Alrightwas recorded in collaboration with fellow country music star Kenny Chesney.

The lyrics to the song provide positivity to the listeners no matter how hard life hits them. Applying Murphy’s smooth vocals into these hopeful wordings in a reggae style resulted in a contagious hit. With the song’s instant success, Murphy can’t be more than happy and amazed, sharing in a press release,

 “It’s crazy, but it’s awesome” 

On the other hand, Chesney admitted how the song hooked him instantly. He further shared his thoughts on the song’s theme saying,

“We can all benefit from slowing down and trying to break the momentum, trust the universe and let go of what’s got a hold of us.”

True enough, the song offers comfort for everyone. The lines of the chorus radiate profound positive vibe.

Everything’s gonna be alright 

And nobody’s gotta worry ‘bout nothing 

Don’t go hittin’ that panic button 

It ain’t worth spilling your drink.

Some Facts of the Song and Its Album

The song, which Murphy co-wrote with Jimmy Yeary and Chris Stevens, charted at No. 47 on the Hot Country Song’s chart. That makes it Murphy’s first charting song since his 2004 release entitled “Inspiration” which peaked at No. 46. For four weeks, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” enjoyed the Country Airplay charts. Murphy and Chesney co-produced the song with 2006 Academy of Country Music’s Producer of the Year Buddy Cannon.

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