November 30

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven. Nobody Wants to Die.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

No. This is not a post to call out people who are all talk and no work. Just a closer look at one of Loretta Lynn’s songs, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven.” In it, she sang of real people who were faced with the same dilemma; the fear of death.

First is King Hezekiah. The Bible and Israel’s history state that he was one of the righteous kings that ruled Israel. An amusing fact considering that his father was the opposite. He cleaned up all the abominations that the former wicked king allowed and soon, revival came to their land. His life was exemplary and had a close relationship with God. Just when you think he could be satisfied with what he has accomplished thus far and would welcome rest, he pleaded for God to take pity on him. In reward for his faithfulness, God generously added fifteen years to his lifespan.

Next is the man Jesus. He knew what was coming and has been long prepared for it. Occasionally, he would even forecast his imminent death. He feared nothing, especially not the devil. Still, in his humanity, he was anxious about the looming crucifixion and death. Well, that part of his life was written for nothing. That should give us comfort that in identifying with our human nature, God understands and most sympathetic to our grief when people die.

Unless we are sorely ill or in the middle of the worst of conditions, we get comfortable with our present lives that we feel like it is the best thing that could ever happen to us. We get uneasy and avoid talks about death-related topics. Given the choice, we will give and do anything just so we would not die.

“Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” By Loretta Lynn


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