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Adkin’s “Every Light in the House,” A Man Waitin’ on a Woman

Adkin's “Every Light in the House,” A Man Waitin' on a Woman 1
Trace Adkins (Youtube)

Every Light in the House

There’s a first time for everything, and every first moment creates a memory to be remembered. In the course of his country music career, Trace Adkins marked his first Top 5 song on the chart with “Every Light in the House.” The song was formally released in August 1996 as the second single from his debut album, Dreamin’ Out Loud.

“Every Light in the House” is a mid-tempo ballad accompanied by piano and fiddle written by Kent Robbins. Adkin’s deep, powerful voice effectively narrate a man’s yearning to have his wife back. He literally turns every single light on to show his hope about the woman coming back to him. He won’t care about the bills nor hazards the lights may cause, all he wanted was his wife beside her. The song manifested Adkins’ creative approach to conveying heavy feelings.

Adkin's “Every Light in the House,” A Man Waitin' on a Woman 2
Every Light in the House (Youtube)

The Music Video

Adkins takes the role of the man left by his lover on the video. Directed in a black-and-white setting, the video starts with Adkins sitting on the porch house with his dog. He fixed the power generator, and lights surrounded the house all the time.

Chart performance

 “Every Light in the House” charted at number 72 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks for 21 weeks. And on December 14, 1996, it peaked number three on the chart, giving the first Top 5 single from Adkin’s career. Also, the track marked his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 78.

Kane Brown takes on Adkin’s hit

Kane Brown became popular through his covers of hit country songs that ultimately went viral. On one of his social media account posts, he goes back to his country roots with his rendition of Adkin’s “Every Light in the House.” Brown matches the veteran singer’s low tone on his cool version of the heartbreak song accompanied by acoustic guitar and back up harmonies.

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Posted by Kane Brown on Friday, October 14, 2016

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Every Light in the House, Kane Brown, Trace Adkins

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