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Have you ever taken the “Wrong Road Again?”

Have you ever taken the “Wrong Road Again?” 1

The song

Wrong Road Again” is Crystal Gayle’s first song in her self-entitled album. It was written by Allen Reynolds in 1974. The song “Wrong Road Again” top number six in the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles in 1974 to 1975.

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Different versions

Due to its popularity, the song was covered by various artists, including Marianne Faithfull, Roy Drusky and Gayle’s sister Loretta Lynn. The composer of the song himself, Allen Reynolds, released his own version of “Wrong Road Again” in 1975. However, the song landed only at No. 98.

All about the written words

When the beautiful Crystal Gayle sang “Wrong Road Again” you can instantly relate to every word in her song. She sings about a woman loving the same man over and over again. Even if the man had committed the same mistakes the character in the song keeps forgiving her lover. Rather than walking away, the woman stays with her man.

“You’re someone I just can’t say no to,

And you’re so good at changing my mind.

Here I go down that wrong road again

Going back where I’ve already been.”

The character in the song is very much in love with her lover, that she is easily persuaded by the man she loves.

“You and your soft line,

Before I stop to think I’m believing,

And I’m falling for you one more time.”

Although the character in the story knows that her heart will be broken into pieces again, she always takes him back. The character in the song keeps on loving the same man over and over again, even if she knows she shouldn’t. What about you, would you forgive someone you love over and over again in spite of all their mistakes? Will you give them not just a second chance, but third, fourth or more?

Listen to Gayle’s song for you to know if you want to take the “Wrong Road Again” or not?

A little about the artist

Crystal Gayle’s older sister is one of country music legends, Lorette Lynn. Instead of living in the shadows of her sister Gayle set out to make a name for her. Gayle is best known for her songs “Talking in Your Sleep” and “Don’t it Make My Eyes Blue.”

Gayle received 11 nominations in the Grammy’s, including Best Female Country Vocal Performance, wherein she was nominated for many years and Record of the year in 1977. She won Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 1977 for her song “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.”

In 2009, Gayle was awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.




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