December 13

An “Evening Prayer” by Slim Whitman

Here’s a confessional song, “Evening Prayer” by Slim Whitman.


Sad I could not find a clip of him singing this song. I like the clarity of words and his vocal control.


The words were penned by C. Maude Batters by sometime in 1895. The following decades, the hymn appeared in various hymnals and church songbooks. Inspired by David’s psalms of self-examination, “Evening Prayer” has become a standard in worship. It is essential for believers to be clean in thoughts and deeds prior to their worship. Hence, the need for confessions first. That does not stop anyone from using it as a personal prayer though.


Confession means to agree with God that you have sinned. The “Evening Prayer” speaks of three things to confess with.

The first stanza deals with our sins against others. It does not assume of known and deliberate sins towards people. Rather, it zeroes into our tendency to cause pain towards others.

The second stanza deals with our sins in words. We have heard that ‘talk is cheap’ but that does not mean we could be careless with our words. Jesus, himself, has once said that every idle word we say would be judged. It means we have to think about the things we say. Another application is to refrain from uttering unhelpful and hurtful words. As it has always been said, better to keep silent if we have nothing good to say.

The third stanza is a cutting truth. Let us admit it. Apathy in churches is still prevalent. We only think of our personal cares to the neglect of our Christian duties. Among the sins mentioned, this could be the worse.

Whether we were aware of what we have said or done, it should not hurt to be humble still. Besides cleansing that is the other purpose of confession.

Should anyone wants to do in-depth reading surrounding this song, scriptural references are as follows: Psalm 12: 12-13, Psalm 51:1-2, Matthew 6:12, and Matthew 6:15.



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