Tennessee Ernie Ford, Grandpa Jones, Stringbean, and Roy Clark (1973) |Photo screen grabbed on Youtube

The Hee Haw show had been graced by a number of gospel singers who have been singing gospel hymns, and church song standards. One of the most notable performers of the show was the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet. The group consists of four members, namely, Buck OwensRoy ClarkGrandpa Jones, and Kenny Price. They were an active group having performed gospel tunes such as “Amazing Grace,” “I’ll Be Somewhere Listening,” “Unclouded Day,” “Where the Soul Never Dies,” and the likes.

In one of the show’s episodes in 1973, two members of the quartet, Roy Clark and Grandpa Jones, joined Tennessee Ernie Ford and David “Stringbean” Akeman in performing the classic “I’ll Fly Away.” Singing to its beat and rhythm while playing the banjo, the four praised the Lord with their dynamic vocals in a lively manner. Overall, watching them gives one joy to the heart and makes everyone feel like going to the church. Let us praise God as we watch and listen to their vivacious rendition of the gospel hymn.

WATCH: Ernie, Grandpa, Stringbean, and Roy perform the gospel classic “I’ll Fly Away” at the Hee Haw Show in 1973.

About the Song

One of the most popular gospel songs that grace churches, “I’ll Fly Away” is an original gospel hymn by Albert E. Brumley penned in 1929. Hartford Music Company published and released the song in a series of a collection titled Wonderful Message in 1932. Inspired and influenced by the 1924 secular ballad “The Prisoner’s Song“, Brumley conceived and came up with the song.

Moreover, considered under topics like eternal life, heaven, and acceptance, “I’ll Fly Away” appears in many hymnals where it is widely sung mostly by churchgoers. In addition, it has become a standard song often performed during funerals, and sometimes at bluegrass jam sessions. Also, the hymn has been distinguished as the most recorded gospel song. Likewise, it is commonly sung in worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, the Churches of Christ and many Methodists.

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