May 16

Do You Know What is Waiting for You at the End of the Road?

stanley brothers end of the road

Do you know what is waiting for you at the end of your life? Or at the end of the road? Yes, certainly its death, but what’s there after death? We have many theories about what exists after this life. Whatever you think there is at the end of the road, I hope that you are thinking of something beautiful, something that is more on the positive side. I hope you are thinking about Jesus.

The Song’s Content

Stanley Brothers gives us a beautiful song, “End of the Road.” It’s a song that speaks more of a positive or good thing that is waiting for you after this life. Somewhere that is more fun and less stressful. A place where Jesus truly rules and no sadness or where the evil things consume our souls. However, before reaching that place, while we are still here on earth we have to prepare ourselves if we want to go there. If you want to enter God’s kingdom you have to start now. You have to stay away from your sins and start making good choices that’ll lead to a happy ending. You have to accept God and listen to what He asks you to do. And that is the ticket to a happy life with Jesus.

The Stanley Brothers

Stanley Brothers were comprised of Carter Stanley and Ralph Stanley. They performed various genres of music from gospel, country, folk, and bluegrass. They have performed many beautiful and inspiring bluegrass songs that are dedicated to the Lord. The two brothers performed with a band called The Clinch Mountain Boys. The Brothers were seen as a threat by Bill Monroe because he believed that they have stolen or copied his music style. Eventually, they formed a strong bond of friendship with Monroe and they even performed some songs together. Ralph Stanley performed solo without the band after his brother, Carter Stanley, died in 1966.

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