November 15

Emotional Military Tribute by Trace Adkins At Grand Ole Opry

On October 4, the country has found itself in the middle of controversy. Many athletes and other Americans were seen on the news because of a protest about something they didn’t like. The protesters knelt during the national anthem. On that night, Trace Adkins stepped on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. While he could’ve told about how he felt, but he didn’t.

“The stage is not the place for a political rant about your political views,” Adkins said in an interview. “I’m not going to subject people to that.”

Instead, he let his song speak for itself.

Adkins performed his song “Like A Soldier,” and when it came to that moment when he sang, “He’ll stand up when he hears the anthem,” the crowd cheered in support.

It was something that Adkins and everybody in that room needed.

“Every time I sing that lyric live, people sing it louder than you would believe,” Adkins said. “Whenever I sing it, I think about that guy watching football on a Sunday afternoon who has to struggle to get up on his feet through the pain of arthritis, or because he uses prosthetics. I always have that vision in my head.”

Adkins often brings veterans up to join him onstage for various songs in his setlist. “I want to give them an opportunity to come up on the stage and have the audience honor them,” he said. “I’ve always wanted it to be about them — the veterans.”

He believes that “Still a Soldier” came out at just the right time. “I’m not going to claim to have some influence on pop culture,” laughed Trace. “But when we cut this song in the studio, we just looked at each other and knew we had something special. With all the stuff in the news lately, it makes the song especially timely and poignant.”


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