June 6

Summer Love with Emmylou Harris’ “One Big Love”

emmylou harris one big love

Summer is coming and Emmylou Harris“One Big Love” gives you the summer vibes that you need, a love song about letting go of yourself just for a moment. It’s about taking the risk when it comes to love because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

“One Big Love” from Patty Griffin to Emmylou Harris

“One Big Love” was written by Patty Griffin and Angelo Petraglia. It was first released in 1998 for Griffin’s album Flaming Red. Harris decided to record the song and include it on her album Red Dirt Girl in 2000. The song wasn’t able to hit the top of the charts, but her album Red Dirt Girl made it to the No. 5 position on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart in 2000. Her album won the 43rd Annual Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album in 2000.

The Song’s Content

Since summer is approaching, why not include Emmylou Harris’ version of “One Big Love” to your list. The song has everything you’ll need. It has romance, summer vibes, and life. The narrator of the song talks about going to the beach with the people you love and enjoying the moment. Instead of doing things that will slowly kill you, like watching a movie, why not do something more fun. Furthermore, the narrator suggests: why not go out to find that one person you are going to love. She wants to do the things that will make her happy because she knows that life is short. It’s true that life is short to not do the things that will keep you alive.

Therefore, always remember to do the things that you love not only this summer. Do not be afraid to take the risk even if you know it’s scary. Moreover, just like the narrator of the song said, you have to tell that person you like how you feel about them.

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Emmylou Harris, one big love

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