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EmiSunshine, A 13-Year-Old Girl Sings About Autism & ADHD

EmiSunshine, A 13-Year-Old Girl Sings About Autism & ADHD 1
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Autism Awareness Song

In honor of Autism Awareness Day, then 13-year-old EmiSunshine has released an original single written from the unique perspective of an autistic child. “Ninety Miles”  is a song that asks for support and understanding, and the meaning behind the lyrics is resonating with people all over the world. EmiSunshine seeks to bring light to the world’s view of autism. Further, the child prodigy of Madisonville, Tennessee has amassed over a million views online in just a few days after the release online.

The young girl’s sweet voice is the perfect complement to the innocent yet insightful words from the song. She can make us put our feet in the shoes of people with autism, as we learn to understand their situation As the song implies, autism is never a joke, nor a choice. Additionally, there’s no amount of discipline that can “cure” the ailment. Thus, EmiSunshine’s plea here is to always be kind and understand that every person has different needs and abilities. In fact the song was personally inspired by Emi’s friend who has autism. She’s feels pain every time somebody calls her friend, “crazy.” That’s why at a very young age, she chose to protect her friend through a song.

EmiSunshine, A 13-Year-Old Girl Sings About Autism & ADHD 2
Autism (90 Miles : Emisunshine)

The 13-year-old prodigy

Born Emilie Sunshine Hamilton, she has captured the nation’s attention and enchanted hearts-a-many with her musical wizardry. The young multi-talented girl embraced the classic country, blues and folk music that echoed throughout her home in Madisonville, Tennessee. Emi is a true vocal stylist having been influenced by musical legends like Bessie Smith, June Carter, Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams . She wanted to follow the musical success of these icons that continue to influence musicians through their music.

As most of the other artists did, Emi developed her singing skills while performing at churches, community outings, and local festivals. And while she has some pretty big shoes to fill, this little lady fits the bill.

EmiSunshine, A 13-Year-Old Girl Sings About Autism & ADHD 3
90 Miles: Emisunshine

Watch EmiSunshine singing “90 Miles” below, and don’t forget to share.

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