December 26

Elvis Presley’s “Crying in the Chapel” Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Sometimes, what we seem to think as bad or not great is actually something gold. Just like Elvis Presley’s recording of the gospel song “Crying in the Chapel.” After a year of not having any songs on the top 10 of the Billboard chart, Presley finally scored one in 1965.

The Song That Brought Him Back to the Top 10

In 1960, Presley together with the Jordanaires recorded the song “Crying in the Chapel.” However, the song wasn’t released immediately. It was kept away for almost five years. Then in 1965, Presley’s record label RCA decided to pull out the record from the shelf and made it the A-side to Presley’s song “I Believe in the Man in the Sky.” Finally, Elvis scored a top 10 on the Billboard chart, and it also placed at number three on the Hot 100 chart. Furthermore, it was platinum-certified by RIAA. Therefore, it became his highest selling song since “Return to Sender” in 1962.

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The Album

The song was soon included in Elvis’ three times platinum-certified album How Great Thou Art in 1967. The original album contained thirteen gospel songs. Meanwhile, the re-issued version in 2008 has three more gospel songs. The album reached number eighteen on the Billboard album chart. Moreover, the song “How Great Thou Art” won a Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance in 1967.

The Origin of “Crying in the Chapel”

Artie Glenn wrote the song “Crying in the Chapel” in 1953. The first recording of the song was by his son Darrell Glenn. At first, the song was rejected by publishing companies, until it was finally published by the Valley Publishers. When Darrell’s recording was released, it became popular, and many artists recorded it. Some of these artists who covered the song were Bob Marley, Don McLean, Ella Fitzgerald, June Valli, Rex Allen, and many more.

The Song’s All About Finding God

“Crying in the Chapel” talks about finding God. It is in God we find peace and happiness. When we let God into our lives and take control of it, our burdens may be there, but the stress will be less. God will comfort us and take away our trouble. Therefore folks, if you want to experience the tears of happiness shed by the narrator in the song, then welcome God into your heart.


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