May 8

Elvis Presley Echoes “Where Could We Go But to the Lord?”

Some may have already heard the gospel hymn titled “Where Could I Go But to the Lord?” You may have forgotten it, but you could have heard Elvis Presley singing it on an oldies radio station. The hymn is about security or the lack of it in this world. This psalm addresses the theme and comes up with one answer:

There is no security apart from God.

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Bible Excerpt

Jesus said to the twelve, “Will you also go away?” Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life; and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”

(John 6:67-69)

It is plain from that bible verse that over the course of several weeks many of the disciples drew back. This is a turning point in our Lord’s ministry, where he challenges the twelve apostles with the question, “Will you also go away?” We have also come to that point in John’s gospel where many of us draw back and no longer follow Him. This is a common situation in our days. Many people start their faith big and seem to do very well for a while. However, they then drop out of sight and nobody seems to know what happened to them.

What does this mean? The words of Jesus are the truth about life. If you miss them by following the misrepresentations of the world and think you have enough to work out the troubles of life, you will be lost. In addition, you will feel the distance from reality and start to deal with fantasies. Sometimes when we question where we ought to be next, we forget that the Lord knows it before we start to fuss.


Will you also go away?

Does your heart say to Him, “Lord, to whom can I go?”

That is the heart that He is looking for. A heart that acknowledges that you will suffer in this world, but that suffering will increase righteousness. A belief that you will not be consumed by suffering, temptation or failure, for God will always be faithful to those of you. He will always be your refuge. Just put your faith in him. Let us ask Jesus to teach us, open our eyes, and lead us on.

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Elvis Presley, Where Could We Go But to the Lord?

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