June 6

Elvis Presley Would Like Us To “Reach Out To Jesus”

Elvis Presley

Life isn’t easy. There will always be ups and downs. People will treat us bad and at some point will judge us. There are also circumstances in our lives we feel secure then suddenly a strike of agony takes place. At these points of our lives, we tend to give up and give in. With this, we experience the greatest downfall. What we can do is cry and pity ourselves. Nevertheless, there is one way we could uplift our depressed hearts. Also, we could redeem our dejected souls through Jesus. Let Elvis Presley help you reach out to Jesus. If you’re feeling down, “Reach Out To Jesus” will help you unbend.

Jesus is the only one who can understand us no matter what. He will lift us from all the miseries we are undergoing. And for us, the only way Jesus can help us to reach out to him. Prayers are the strongest shield we could have. However, the prayers cannot touch us if we have doubts if we don’t believe in his power. With this, we should have a firm belief and eradicate hesitations.

Reach Out To Jesus…

To be able to reach out to Jesus, let’s all believe that he can provide the solutions we are longing for. In other words, accept him in your hearts for him to accept us in his heart. When we pray, he listens. The paths we follow, sometimes, aren’t the right way. We just think it’s the right façade. But remember, he will lead us to the truthful direction. Furthermore, you undergo sorrow and despair, but through him, there will be light. Just talk to him, reach out to him, and trust him, surely Jesus will fill the holes within you.

The Lyrics…

Is your burden heavy as you bear it all alone?

Does the road you travel, harbor dangers yet unknown?

Are you growin’ weary in the struggle of it all?

Jesus will help you with all his name you call

He’s always there hearing every prayer, faithful and true

Walking by our side, in his love, we hide all the day through

When you get discouraged just remember what to do

Reach out to Jesus; he’s reaching out to you

Is the life you’re living filled with sorrow and despair?

Does the future press you with its worry and its scare?

Are you tired and jealous, have you almost your way?

Jesus will help you, just talk to him today.

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Elvis Presley, Reach Out To Jesus

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