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Elvis Presley’s Remarkable “Love Me Tender”: Noteworthy Evolution


Elvis Presley’s Remarkable “Love Me Tender": Noteworthy Evolution 1

“Love Me Tender” was one of Elvis Presley’s songs that rocked the airwaves in 1956 and up to these days it is still being played on the radio stations and televisions. Indeed, it was considered as one of Presley’s most remarkable hits of his musical career. With this, it’s noteworthy to read and understand the song’s facts and its evolution.

Also, the song is still used as a soundtrack to many movies just like before. Elvis Presley out poured his emotion in this song. With this, people all over the globe were moved and touched. Besides, the song also topped the country charts.

In this particular article, the discussion will focus on the metamorphosis of the song.  All the interesting facts will be presented as well from the creation to the recording. Also, it will include a music video which includes rare clips and photos of the late legendary Elvis Presley.

The Metamorphosis Of “Love Me Tender”…

The 1956 song “Love Me Tender” was a musical adaptation of the Civil War song “Aura Lea” or mostly documented as “Aura Lee”. George R. Poulton and W.W. Fosdick were the brains behind the lyrics. Moreover, the song was published in 1861 and became popular to college glee clubs and chains of barbershops. It was also sung at the U.S Military Academy at West Point, New York.

As for Presley’s “Love Me Tender” lyrics, it was modified by Elvis Presley himself and Ken Darby. Additionally, Darby used his pseudonym “Vera Matson” which was the name of his wife. Moreover, Darby and Presley retained the tune of the original song “Aura Lee”. The song was published by Elvis Presley Music.

Furthermore, Presley always has hands on to all of his songs from the period of creating the lyrics to the final recording. He always takes control of the production even though he’s not credited for it. This is because Presley wanted his music to be at his presentation. This was what he did to his song “Love Me Tender”. No doubt, it came out fascinating and satisfactory to the music lovers.

The Presley’s Lyrics…

Love me tender, love me sweet

Never let me go, you have made my life complete

And I love you so

Love me tender, love me true

All my dreams fulfilled, for my darling I love you

And I always will

Love me tender, love me long

Take me to your heart, for it’s there that I belong

And we’ll never part

Love me tender, love me true

All my dreams fulfilled, for my darling I love you

And I always will

Love me tender, love me dear

Tell me you are mine, I’ll be yours through all the years

Till the end of time

Love me tender, love me true

All my dreams fulfilled, for my darling I love you

And I always will

The “Aura Lee” Song…

As mentioned above, the song was written by George R. Poulton and W.W. Fosdick. Additionally, “Aura Lee” was sung by Frances Farmer and a male chorus in the 1936 film “Come and Get It” based on Edna Ferber’s novel. Meanwhile, Bing Crosby included the song in a medley on his album “Join Bing and Sing Along” in 1959.

Furthermore, there is also a version of “Aura Lea” or “Aura Lee” called “Army Blue” associated with the U.S. Military Academy. In “Army Blue”, the lyrics were specific to the academy. Moreover, George T Olmstead wrote the song, a graduate of the academy in 1865.

“Aura Lee’s” Lyrics…

When the blackbird in the Spring, ‘On the willow tree,

Sat and rocked, I heard him sing, singing Aura Lea.

Aura Lea, Aura Lea, maid with golden hair;

Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.

Aura Lea, Aura Lea, maid with golden hair;

Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.

In thy blush the rose was born, music, when you spake,

Through thine azure eye the morn, sparkling seemed to break.

Aura Lea, Aura Lea, birds of crimson wing,

Never song have sung to me, as in that sweet spring.

Aura Lea! the bird may flee, the willow’s golden hair

Swing through winter fitfully, on the stormy air.

Yet if thy blue eyes I see, gloom will soon depart;

For to me, sweet Aura Lea, is sunshine through the heart.

When the mistletoe was green, midst the winter’s snows,

Sunshine in thy face was seen, kissing lips of rose.

Aura Lea, Aura Lea, take my golden ring;

Love and light return with thee, and swallows with the spring.

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