June 7

Elvis Presley’s “Joshua Fit the Battle”: The Battle of Jericho

Elvis Presley

Back in the old days, slavery was prevalent. Poor people were used as slaves to do manual labor or the most difficult jobs for the wealthy people. They were also maltreated. They’re being stoned and whipped. Worst, these people get a tiny amount of ration. A sign of inequality that people of this generation cannot endure.

“Joshua Fit the Battle” can be linked to slavery. Also, the words and lyrics refer to the story of the “Battle of Jericho.” The story tells about Joshua leading the Israelites to fight against the Canaan (Joshua 6:15-21). The words and lyrics may also be connected to the escape from slavery. Furthermore, the song will stir your thoughts about Joshua and can lead you to read more about him.

Despite the deep and profound lyrics, the rhythm of “Joshua Fit the Battle” delivers liveliness and encouragement especially with the rock and roll touch of Elvis Presley. The last lines draw a sense of victory, which is the most notable part of the song.

Joshua fit the Battle…

The song is widely known as an African-American spiritual song. It was assumed to have been written by slaves in the 19th century. In 1882, the song was published by M. G. Slayton on his album “Jubilee Songs.” Also, it was part of Marshall W. Taylor’s album “A Collection of Revival Hymns and Plantation Melodies.”

The song can teach many lessons that were depicted from the Bible. Listen to the song for it will make you read the Bible and understand the scriptures. Moreover, the story that was patched on the words and lyrics is truly inspiring.


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