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Elvis Presley and his Rendition of “There Goes My Everything”

A popular song originally published in 1965, “There Goes My Everything” was conceived by American country musician and songwriter Dallas Frazier. It is best known, however, in a version of country musician Jack Greene in 1966. Greene’s version was produced by Owen Bradley for Decca Records and released in October 1966.

Elvis Presley and his Rendition of "There Goes My Everything" 1
Jack Greene |Photo Credits:

Although it is not his original, “There Goes My Everything” became popular under Greene’s name. As a matter of fact, his rendition peaked at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and stayed there for seven weeks. Furthermore, it even penetrated the pop charts reaching no. 65 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Adding to the song’s accolades, it earned several awards at the first Country Music Association (CMA) Awards presentation. Whereas, it won the “Single of the Year” and “Song of the Year” awards. In addition, Jack Greene, who sang popularized the song, earned the “Male Vocalist of the Year” while the accompanying album of the song (with the same title) won “Album of the Year.”

With such a number of distinction credited to its name, “There Goes My Everything” has become a country music standard and has since been covered by a lot of artists.

The Story Behind the Song

It is no doubt that every song, especially in country music, has its own story to tell. This song is of no exception as it tells a handful of a mystery.

There Goes My Everything” talks about a couple who are breaking up because of an uncertain reason. In the song, the man narrates and describes his feeling as his lover is leaving him. Realizing that she really means a lot to him, he admits regret of not taking care of their once blooming relationship.

Hence, the chorus says:

“There goes my reason for living/There goes the one of my dreams/There goes my only possession/There goes my everything.”

Here’s the first stanza of the song and try to sing along:

I hear footsteps slowly walking,
As they gently walk across a lonely floor,
And a voice is softly saying,
Darling, this will be good-bye for ever more.

Elvis Presley’s Version

As much as Greene’s original version was well-done and amazingly rendered, it is no question that one of the best covers of the song is Elvis Presley‘s. The King of Rock & Roll certainly transformed this 1966 hit with a distinctly Presley touch. Elvis’ baritone vocals hitting his classic low notes perfectly suits his exceptional voice.

Elvis Presley and his Rendition of "There Goes My Everything" 2
Elvis Presley |Photo Credits:

To note, Presley recorded his version on June 8, 1970, in Nashville, Tennessee. The following year, it reached no. 9 on the country charts. Additionally, his version also entered the pop charts as it peaked at no. 21 on Billboard Hot 100. Overall, it stayed there for nine weeks.

LISTEN to Elvis Presley’s rendition of “There Goes My Everything:”

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