November 6

Elvis Presley’s “Crying in the Chapel” Bring Back Memories

Crying in the Chapel

“Crying in the Chapel” is a staple on American Gospel. Multiple artists have given their spin to it, but none sticks out like the version of the King of Rock and Roll himself. Elvis Presley did his cover in 1967. It was then released on his album ‘How Great Art Thou.’

When you listen to Elvis’ melodies, a certain softness can be detected from the King. It’s a big shift from the big personality and the overproduced person that he sometimes comes off as. But, I guess it’s kind of what gospel music does. It brings out the softer and the better side of people. That’s what the Lord does, in a way. And, he uses music as a vessel.

Listen to the amazing song below!

Finding Someone in the Chapel

The first time I heard this, I was immediately transported to the old church that my mom and I used to go to when I was still young. I didn’t know much about the world, but I distinctly remember how much the world made me feel. There was an odd sense of serenity in that church, and I could sense it, even when I was a child. That sense of wonder and peace did not follow me in every church I go to, but I found it again. In a small hospital chapel, of all places.

When I told my mother about that feeling, she was astounded. She then told me a story that she’d never intended to tell me. The chapel that I found was where my father begged God for my life. My mother told me that when I was still a baby, I got really ill. The doctors thought I wasn’t going to live, but my parents didn’t want to give me up, they just had me. So, when I was hospitalized, my father immediately went to the chapel and did the most powerful thing that he could have done. He prayed. His prayer was simple. But the most striking thing that he said was:

“I know you’re going to take my baby girl. But please, not now.”

And, dear readers. Here I am.

When I heard of this song again, I am reminded of my father. No longer will he be found crying because he is in anguish, but because he is joyful that his God has answered his prayer.


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