September 25

Elvis Presley’s ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ Reminds Why He’ll Always be The King

Doing a look back at Elvis Presley is always a joyous experience especially during the days when The King of Rock and Roll is at his prime trying to win ladies’ hearts and touching people of his music. If you wanted to know as to how much Elvis Presley can do, it’s better to look for his performances in movies where King Elvis is certainly showing his excellence as a singer, dancer, and actor. If there’s anyone should not doubt that can sing live, King Elvis is your guy.

Elvis Presley, Bossa Nova Baby

In Elvis Presley’s film starter, Fun in Acapulco, where he starred as Mike Windgren works as a lifeguard and a local hotel singer who showed everyone that he could dive like an adrenaline junkie and an Olympian swimmer while hitting the correct notes dancing with his song numbers.

There is a scene where Elvis Presley in his elegant suit has to sing with a bunch of tambourine guys singing the song ‘Bossa Nova Baby.’ In this number, Elvis Presley proved to have mastered everything from dancing, singing, playing the guitar and apparently, acting. His song, Bossa Nova Baby is a sure dance party anthem for every Elvis Presley fan throwing an Elvis-themed party.

A not so fun fact about the film, Elvis Presley actually shot some other latter parts of the film in the studio after Mexico declared him as a persona non grata by Mexican authorities. It was definitely a controversial move considering the artist’s immense popularity but it was good to know that this did not stop Presley from giving a great performance.

Watch the video below:

“Bossa Nova Baby”
I said, “Take it easy, baby
I worked all day and my feet feel just like lead
You got my shirt tails flyin’ all over the place
And the sweat poppin’ out of my head”

She said, “Hey, bossa nova baby
Keep on workin’ for this ain’t no time to quit”
She said, “Go, bossa nova baby keep on dancin’
I’m about to have myself a fit”
Bossa nova, bossa nova

I said, “Hey little mama, let’s sit down
Have a drink and dig the band”
She said, “Drink, drink, drink oh, fiddle-de-dink
I can dance with a drink in my hand”

She said, “Hey bossa nova baby
Keep on workin’ for this ain’t no time to drink”
She said, “Go bossa nova baby
Keep on dancin’, ’cause I ain’t got time to think”
Bossa nova, bossa nova


bossa nova baby, Elvis Presley

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