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The Spiritual “Bosom of Abraham” Interpreted by Elvis Presley

The Spiritual “Bosom of Abraham” Interpreted by Elvis Presley 1

“Bosom of Abraham” is one of the most classical Christian hymns. The writers took inspiration from the Bible in the New Testament and were published and documented way back in the 1860s. Since then, it has been used in many religious events and gatherings. One of the best renditions of the hymn was from Elvis Presley. His classic voice suits the anthem. With this, let’s sanctify our souls by listening to the song.

“Rock My Soul” or “Bosom of Abraham” refers to the place of comfort in the biblical Sheol. It is the place where the dead awaits for the Judgment Day. On the other hand, the phrase and concept are found in Judaism and Christian. The “Bosom of Abraham” can be found in only one New Testament passage, the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, which is just in the gospel of Luke (16:19–31; Luke 16:22 and Luke 16:23).

Furthermore, the angels carried leprous Lazarus to his destination after death. Abraham’s bosom diverges with the destiny of a wealthy man who ends up in Hades. The account closely resembles with Jewish beliefs documented in the first century AD that the dead were assembled into a general tarrying-place, made correspondent with the Sheol of the Old Testament.

Bosom of Abraham…

William Francis Allen was the very first person to document “Bosom of Abraham.” It was back in 1867 under “Slave Songs of the United States.”  Additionally, Allen attributes the origin of the hymn to the state of Virginia.

Moreover, the hymn was first recorded by the Heavenly Gospel Singers in 1937. There were a few credible artists who recorded “Bosom of Abraham.” They were the Jordanaires, Louis Armstrong, Lonnie Donegan, Peter Paul & Mary. Meanwhile, the most notable recording was from the late legendary Elvis Presley.

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Bosom of Abraham, Elvis Presley

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