January 29, 2018

An Elvis Presley Cover of Waylon Jennings’ “You Ask Me To”

Let’s find out in the following song co-written by our legendary outlaw, Waylon Jennings.

Elvis Presley in “You Ask Me To”

As expected from the King of Rock and Roll, that swag in his voice could swoon our listening ladies out there. Plus, you might also like the background pictures in the embedded clip showcasing Elvis Presley’s cowboy aura.

“You Asked Me To” appeared on two of Elvis Presley’s albums. First was in 1975 for Promised Land and on his posthumous album called, Guitar Man in 1981. He recorded the former in December 1973 in Memphis and released just in time for his 40th birthday.

Not a Cheesy Song

When you’re not fond of cheesy lyrics and out of this world descriptions, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of this tune. It’s a mere profession of what had been done in the name love and the promise for more proofs to come. It’s outright yet humble. Not surprising considering it’s an original of Waylon Jennings.

Our Take Away?

  1. Love is Servitude

Slaves of love? Not really. More of servitude.

Service has always been one of the defining qualities of love. A person with real loves makes it his happiness to serve his beloved. He devotes time and consistency and does them without an ulterior motive. Though his efforts aren’t appreciated nor acknowledged, he would still persevere.

  1. Love Does Not Brag

    I just don’t know with you guys, but I find exaggerated declarations of love embarrassing. Better it simply worded and delivered than grandiose but empty gestures.
  2. Love Can Accepts Rejection

     The third verse is an Ouch!  Though rejection hurts, the love bug gracefully accepts it. He cares more about the continuing harmony between him and his love interest.



Elvis Presley, Song Cover, Waylon Jennings

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