March 13

Elvis Presley’s Album Sales Reach 146.5 Million Units

Elvis Presley's Album Sales Reach 146.5 Million Units 1

In the country music industry, many country artists can sell millions of copies of their albums, most of them can sell out tickets for a concert, and some can be embraced easily due to their charisma. Unquestionably, country artists have their own styles and ways to entertain.

The Story…

But the best of the bests, Elvis Presley, wiped them all out. The late legendary superstar just reached a total of 146.5 million units. This was certified by the RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America. In addition, Presley’s catalog achieves new gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards.

This only proves that the legacy of Presley endures the people, especially the country music enthusiasts. Also, his music and artistry continue to impact the country artists that we have today. This means, Presley still encourage, enlighten, and renovate popular culture.

Presley, the second most awarded solo performer and third most awarded act in RIAA in history, is up and still earning RIAA certifications. Additionally, he’s racking up more gold records. In 1958, Presley’s “Hard Headed Woman”, became one of the RIAA’s first three gold singles and the very first string of gold, platinum, and multi-platinum.

For the past years, RIAA keeps giving awards to Presley as his albums continue to skyrocket. In fact, 11 albums of Presley reached gold and platinum for the very first time.

Something To Look Forward To…

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack)

The documentary film will include 18 vital hits of the superstar. Also, it will contain dominant performances and rare alternative versions of songs at the musical core of Presley’s artistry. It will showcase his early blues, country roots, and influences through his seismic contributions to popular culture. Interestingly, it will also display his 1976 recording sessions at the Jungle Room in Graceland.

The said film is directed by Emmy and Grammy award winner, Thom Zimny. Furthermore, the documentary film will be available in digital and physical configurations. It will comprise of 18 track definitive soundtrack, a 2LP gatefold 12” vinyl edition, and a 3D collectible deluxe box set.

Meanwhile, listen to Elvis Presley’s “Loving You”. His No.1 hit in 1957.

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A Peculiar Personality Of Elvis Presley Will Shock You


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