September 29

Elvis Presley Singing George Jones Hit is Absolutely Epic

It gives endless adorable giggles whenever we heard of other country artists trying to other artists’ songs. It is absolutely a different treat when it is one of the legends doing the song of another legend. A great example would be Elvis Presley doing a George Jones hit, She Thinks I Still Care. It’s been a pleasure watching young and old George Jones performing it during his prime but how did the King of Rock and Roll fair when it comes to breathing his own touch on the signature George Jones hit? Watch the video at the end of the article and see for yourself.

She Thinks I Still Care, George Jones, Elvis Presley

In his essay for 1994 Sony retrospective “The Essential George Jones: The Spirit of Country, Rich Kienzle also states that Jones was underwhelmed by the song after Clement had decided not to play George the tape but to sing him the song, altering the melody as he sang it to give it a stronger country feel.

George Jones himself always insisted he had no doubts about the song. Recalling his first impression of the tune, he insisted in 1989 documentary Same Ole Me, “Boy, I just flipped! I said, ‘Golly, lemme have this thing. For years after I recorded it, the song was my most requested, and it became what people in my business call a ‘career record,’ the song that firmly establishes your identity with the public.”

On the other hand, this version of Elvis Presley was just recorded in his home but that did not really stop the rock and roll legend from telling his critics that ‘I know what I can and cannot do.’ Apparently, the king is always the king.

Check out the video below:


She Thinks I Still Care Lyrics

Oh just because I asked a friend about her
Just because I spoke her name somewhere
Just because I rang her number by mistake today
You know she thinks I, I still care

And just because I haunt the same old places
With a memory I will linger everywhere
Just because I’m not the happy guy I used to be
Lord, you know, she thinks I still care

Well, if she’s happy thinking I still need her
Yea, let that silly notion bring her cheer
Oh how could she ever be so foolish
Tell me where did she get, lord such an idea

Yea, oh lord
Just because I asked a friend about her
And you know, just because I spoke her name somewhere
Just because, lord I saw her and went to pieces
Lord, you know, she thinks I, lord, still care

You know, she thinks I, I still care
Lord, she thinks I still care
Oh no she thinks I still care


Elvis Presley, George Jones

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