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Elvis Presley’s Cover of “There Goes My Everything”

“There Goes My Everything” is a popular song that Dallas Frazier wrote and published in 1965. Popularly known through Jack Greene’s 1966 version, it stayed at the top of the US country music charts for a total of seven weeks. In the same chart, the song spent twenty-one weeks all in all. Meanwhile, on the Billboard Hot 100, the track’s highest position was at number 65.

Apart from being a hit, “There Goes My Everything” also won a number of awards. One was “Single of the Year” and the other was “Song of the Year” at the first-ever CMA Awards presentation. In addition, the accompanying album having the same title won “Album of the Year”. Finally, its artist, Greene, won “Male Vocalist of the Year”.

The other big name that made a cover of “There Goes My Everything” is Elvis Presley. “The King” recorded this song on June 8, 1970, at the RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1971, Elvis Presley hit the top ten on the country charts with his version. The single release had a 9-week stay on the Hot 100 Chart, reaching its peak at the 21st spot. On the Country Chart and Easy-Listening Chart, it reached #9 and #2, respectively.

There Goes My Everything

The inspiration behind “There Goes My Everything” goes by the name Ferlin Husky. Husky happened to be Dallas Frazier’s mentor and friend.

The track gives us a picture of Husky’s divorce.

If Ferlin and Capitol Records had just released it as a single, the song would have probably been a huge hit. Also, it could have revived Ferlin Husky’s flagging career. Regrettably, Ferlin missed the chance with this classic.

Although Husky continued recording until 1975, he never enjoyed major chart success again. At the same time, even Jack Greene’s career struggled after only a few years of stardom. His name appeared in the Top Ten for the last time in 1970. These were unfortunate circumstances for the singers, yet the song turned out to be much better.

Since dozens of artists have covered “There Goes My Everything” through the years, many consider it as a country music standard.


Elvis Presley, there goes my everything

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