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Favored Elvis’ Ballad Relived by a Young, Gifted Julia Hall

In the summer of 2017, Disney World held the National Beta Club Convention in Orlando, Florida. The National Beta Club is the largest independent educational youth organization in the U.S. and works to prepare members for leadership positions. That time, they hosted more than 15,000 elementary and secondary school students. During those three festive days, attendees had the chance to highlight their various talents and academic prowess. Among those who took to the stage was then 13-year-old, Julia Hall, a student from Illinois. She walked confidently on stage, in a stylish white-and-gold outfit.

Favored Elvis’ Ballad Relived by a Young, Gifted Julia Hall 1

The Dazzling Young Performer

The audience was totally blown away when young Julia Hall showcased her heavenly voice with her breathtaking cover. As she started the intro, the young girl’s fascinating talent mystified folks. She did revamp the timeless classic, but with surprise, Hall showed a genuine performance filled with emotion. Her dress was to some extent indicative of the white bell-bottom jumpsuit famously worn by Elvis Presley. Indeed, it was not exactly a coincidence. Julia’s song of choice was the King’s 1961 pop ballad, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

Would Anyone Agree?

“Can’t Help Falling In Love.” What a classic song! We bet you know at least one person that has this song as their “song” with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It was originally recorded by Elvis in 1961. Featured in the rock and roller’s film Blue Hawaii, the ballad topped charts and has forever been praised as a staple in any true music collection. Decades after the release of Elvis’ recording, a seemingly endless number of both classic and modern artists have covered this truly magical ballad.

The video we saved just for you shows the entire performance of Julia Hall. She puts a twist on the song to truly make it a one-of-a-kind cover. Feel free to become just as in love with these versions as we are because you can never listen to this song enough.

Check out Julia’s incredible performance below and tell us how it makes you feel.


Can’t Help Falling In Love, Elvis Presley, julia hall

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