December 28

Giddy Up with The Martin Family’s On Stage Cover of “El Vira”

Back in October 2015, The Martin Family delighted the Oak Ridge Boys with an exuberant delivery of the quartet’s signature song.

Who would not instantly recognize “El Vira” upon hearing “oom papa mow-mow?” One of the Oak Ridge Boys’ signature songs that rose to fame in the ‘80s, “El Vira” still has its charm to bring any group of audience rise to their feet.

Led by Jamie Allen, Duane Allen’s daughter, The Martins were a delightful watch during the 2015 Country Music Hall of Fame Medallion Ceremony. On stage, the family proved to be natural entertainers beginning with the parents, Paul Martin and Jamie Allen. Their kids, in particular, effortlessly stole the show.Duane Allen must have been proud watching his grandchildren.

Bits About the Viral Song, “El Vira”

From the album, “Fancy Free” released in 1981, “El Vira” gave the Oak Ridge Boys their 4th No. 1 Country hit. In addition, the track became a crossover hit to Pop Charts peaking at No. 5. Moreover, the famed song received nominations for both the “Grammy Award for Best Country Song” and “Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year.”

Contrary to popular opinion that the song’s about a woman, the title’s actually from a street in East Nashville, Tennessee. Songwriter Dallas Frazier first recorded “El Vira in 1966 and secured #72 on Billboard’s Top 100.

Other notable recordings were that of Kenny Rogers and The First Edition(1970), Rodney Crowell (1978), Home Free (2015, and Blake Shelton (2017). The latter two featured the Oak Ridge Boys in their acts.

The Quartet’s Induction into the Hall of Fame

Along with Jim Ed Brown with The Browns, and Grady Martin, The Oak Ridge Boys became new members of the Country Hall of Famers in October 25, 2015. During the ceremony, Kenny Rogers was bursting with pride as he was the one appointed to induct the group. With 26 Top Ten songs for which 15 were No. 1, the induction was, indeed, well-deserved.

 “It’s immortal. It’s like having your name in stone without being dead, which is the only thing that will ever stop us.” 

– Joe Bonsall



Joe Bonsall, The Martin, The Oakridge Boys

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