December 12

Elle King Touches Our Soul With “Good Thing Gone”

Another Good Thing Gone

Elle King comes back stronger than ever with a stripped-down, confessional song about love and love lost with her song “Good Thing Gone.” It comes from her new album “Shake The Spirit.” It was released on the 19th of October, 2018.

What’s so relatable about this song is that it feels like we’ve all been there. We’ve all had that something in our lives that felt so good. But one way or another, we lost it to a circumstance or purposeful decisions.

“Good Thing Gone” describes a good kind of love that became bad. And, that we have no choice but to let go of it lest we lose ourselves. The way that the arrangement is stripped down to the bare bones of a blues-country hybrid made us feel like we were having an intimate conversation with King about her own heartbreak and woe in the past few years.

Lyrics like “time was a stubborn affair, and the distance was too much to bear” feel very autobiographical. The song allows us a sneak peek of what really happened behind closed doors. “Good Thing Gone” also shows us the aftermath of what happened in the relationship. It is, after all, “another good thing gone.”

You can listen to the track here:

Shake The Spirit

“Shake the Spirit” is King’s second studio album after her smash hit “Love Stuff. Her lead single is a catchy song entitled Shame.

You can listen to it below!

The magazine Variety described the album as “confessional rock and roll,” while Billboard would say that it is  “a cathartic, rough-edged diary entry of a project that couldn’t be more personal.”

Overall, the whole vibe of Shake the Spirit chronicles the experiences of King over the past year or two in a very raw and real fashion. It feels like we are taking the journey with her through her divorce, her heartbreak, and her healing. Truth be told, listening to her album really does feel like she’s shaking your spirit.

We highly suggest you listen to it now. The album is out!


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