January 25

A Decade Before Experiencing Fame, Stapleton Wrote “Either Way”


A Decade Before Experiencing Fame, Stapleton Wrote “Either Way" 1


In 2017, he revisited his roots by finally releasing his own version of “Either Way”, a song that he wrote more than a decade ago.  Stapleton was actively collaborating with bluegrass group – “The SteelDrivers” when he recorded it. Along with Stapleton, songwriters Kendall Marvel, and Timothy James are given credit on the track. Stapleton sang backup to Lee Ann Womack on her original version. It appeared on her seventh much-admired album, “Call Me Crazy”. It was a signature song on her album. Hugely, it recognized Chris Stapleton’s talent in songwriting. Also, it was a nominee for Best Country Album Grammy in 2009.

More about the Song

“Either Way” is a country ballad. Stapleton sang it with an acoustic guitar. It is about the end of a relationship. Some commentators say it is a song telling the painful tale of a union nearing its end. More likely, it speaks of a man’s thinking in his relationship that whether it continues or ends, he’s fallen out of love. Thus,

We pass in the hall on our way to separate rooms
The only time we ever talk is when the monthly bills are due
We go to work, we go to church
We fake the perfect life…

“Either Way” is the first single on Stapleton’s ‘From A Room: Volume 1″ album. He says that his wife, Morgane Stapleton, loves listening to the song. To an extent, he speaks of his worries if it’s the “I won’t love you either way,” line Morgane likes so much. It is one of the songs he wrote for other artists. He says his songs recorded by other artists, such as “Either Way,” won’t be off-limits for him to record himself. Stapleton says,

“If I wrote a song, it doesn’t bother me to re-record it, and it doesn’t bother me if somebody else records it. I don’t feel like songs should be hoarded. I don’t feel like one’s tainted if somebody else does it. That’s the mark of artistry — take a song that’s maybe even a really popular song and do it your own way. I think that’s cool.”

The song reached No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. With 23,000 copies sold, it was the third best-selling country song of the week.  As of June 2017, it has sold 87,000 copies.

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