October 15

Effie Passero’s Amazing Rendition of A Garth Brooks Song in American Idol

The Dance

“The Dance” is undoubtedly one of those love songs that would surely tug at your heartstrings. It became one of Garth Brooks’ most iconic songs. The song’s background was inspired by the hit film ‘Peggy Sue Got Married.’

The song was one of the hit singles that skyrocketed his career to stardom. It was a hit around the world! Not to mention, “The Dance” was awarded Video of the Year at the 1990 ACM Music Awards. Furthermore, it was awarded as number 14 in the CMT  100 Greatest Songs of Country Music in 2003. Brooks performed this on the final episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, at Leno’s request together with his other song “Friends in Low Places.”

Effie Passero’s Amazing Performance

“The Dance” is considered Brooks’ signature song. Brooks explains that the song is written with two meanings in mind. He tells that it could work as either a love song about the end of a passionate relationship or a story of someone dying because of something they believe in.

Effie Passero delivered the Brooks classic in a way that speaks of the loss of love as much as the dying a valiant death. The unspoken hurt that she channels into the song is evident, and it is very much felt. Since it was such a dominant performance, it was enough to help her advance to the next round. The rendition was crisp and utterly heartfelt. Ultimately, Passero’s “The Dance” was one of her best performances in the show.

Watch the fantastic rendition below!

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