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Remember Eddy Arnold’s Make the World Go Away?

52 years ago, way back in 1965, country singer Eddy Arnold snags the title for the number one country singer on the Billboard chart. It was his song, Make the World Go Away that led him to the top.

The song was composed by Hank Cochran and had earlier and succeeding versions other than Arnold’s.

However, Arnold’s rendition was one of those that made the song a huge success. As a matter of fact, his take on Make the World Go Away reached the number one spot for both the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and the U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary, ranked 2nd on the Canadian RPM Adult Contemporary, 6th on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and 8th on the UK Singles Chart. Donny and Marie Osmond’s version did make it to seven music charts, but the song’s peak positions under their wing did not make it to the top 10.

To this day, the song is considered as Arnold’s best-known track.

A little backstory

When Hank Cochran was writing Make the World Go Away, he was on a date at a movie theater. He was inspired and deeply moved by the film that was showing then that he quickly left the theater to continue working on the song. It only took him fifteen minutes to have finally composed the song upon his arrival at home. The first singer to have recorded the song was Ray Price. Price’s version landed on the 2nd spot on the 1963 Billboard country charts. Following Price’s footsteps was Eddy Arnold. Prior to the success of the track, Arnold was not expecting it to be his signature hit and his highest rated song of all times.

The triumph of his version also led Eddy Arnold to record another song composed by Cochran, I Want to Go with You.

Eddy Arnold, dubbed ‘The Tennessee Plowboy’ is remembered as a musical innovator for the Nashville sound during the late 1950’s. He became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1943, along with the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1966. He has sold over 85 million records and had a total of 147 songs make it to the Billboard country music charts—a record that’s only second to another fellow legendary country artist, George Jones. On Country Music Television’s 2003 list of ‘The 40 Greatest Men of Country Music’, Arnold placed 22nd.


Eddy Arnolds, Make the World Go Away

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