September 21

“Somebody Like Me:” Another No. 1 Song By Eddy Arnold

“Somebody Like Me” Single

Eddy Arnold earned his twenty-third No. 1 on the Billboard country chart with his song “Somebody Like Me.” Wayne Carson wrote the song for Arnold. In addition, the single became part of his eighteenth studio album, Somebody Like Me. Aside from reaching No. 1, Arnold’s song “Somebody Like Me” placed at No. 53 on the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, it secured a spot at No. 15 on the Adult Contemporary chart of Billboard.

“Somebody Like Me” Album

Arnold’s album also reached No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart in 1966. In addition, the album entered the Billboard 200 at No. 36. Aside from “Somebody Like Me” another single from Arnold’s album entered the chart. “The Tip of My Fingers” is another single that reached No. 3 on the Billboard Country chart. It placed at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 8 on the Adult Contemporary chart. “The Tip of My Fingers” was originally recorded by Bill Anderson. It was Arnold’s and Steve Weiner’s version of the song that reached the highest rank on the Billboard.

The Song’s Content

“Somebody Like Me” is a country song that tells the story of a man warning another man to take care of his woman. He reminds him to treat his lady well or someone, like him, will take her away. In addition, he says that he should completely be devoted to his woman because once she feels that he does not love her, she will leave him.

The Artist

The country singer Eddy Arnold earned a total of twenty-eight No. 1 songs on the Billboard Country chart. In addition, he charted a total of 137 songs on the chart. Eddy is best known for his hit songs “Make the World Go Away,” “The Cattle Call,” and “What’s He Doing in My World.”

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Eddy Arnold, somebody like me

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