October 22

Ground Breaking! Eddy Arnold Hits the Hall of Fame at 48

It’s natural for humans to be envious on other people. In spite of this, other people are not doing anything to be successful. We have heard some rags to riches stories but people worked hard for their status, and they really earned it. Just like Eddy Arnold or also known as “Tennessee Plowboy,” a successful personality in the Country Music Industry. Also, with his courage and determination, he was able to live the American dream that everyone wanted.

“The Plowboy”

Eddy Arnold” or “Richard Edward Arnold” in real life was an American artist who performed for six decades. Moreover, he was known for his signature Nashville sound. Arnold was also one of the successful Country Artists to be known. Further, he sold over 85 million records and had 147 songs entered the Billboard. He really might be that person living the American dream that everyone wants. In 2003, Eddy Arnold also landed 22nd of “The 40 Greatest Men of Country Music.” He really must be an icon and an influencer that time.

In his early years, growing up was not easy for him since they lived in a Rural area. Thus, he was forced to stop studying at age 11 because of his father’s death, and he needed to help in the farm. Eddy Arnold went to Pinson High School but dropped out before graduation to help bring in food for the table. If there’s one thing that he did not give up, that is singing. No one can stop this country boy in achieving his dreams.

“Road to Stardom”

Having a spot in the Music Industry was not easy, and since he wanted to fulfill his dreams, Eddy Arnold started to perform in nightclubs. Thus, he became the most popular performer. 1944 marked the most significant date in Arnold’s career when he signed a contract with RCA Victor. His road to stardom peaked when he released his second single “Each Minute Seems a Million Years,” and it reached No. 5 on the country charts in 1945.

Remarkably, he was able to release hit after hit singles; it seems that being blessed was his family name. To add up, in 1950’s he hosted “The Eddy Arnold Show” and other television programs. Due to his massive success and great contributions to the Music Industry, in 1966, Eddy Arnold at age 48 was the youngest artist to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. This is one of the most prestigious recognition that an artist can receive. It is cited as the highest honor a country artist can receive due to their contribution to the country music genre. On May 8, 2008, at the age of 89, the “Tennessee Plowboy” passed. But, his contributions and influence will still be remembered.

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