August 16

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Stand Together Amidst Brandi Glanville Backlash

At the recent event for Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother, all hell broke loose after Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife lashed out on him and his current partner, LeAnn Rimes. At the Los Angeles airport, the couple remained unfazed and stayed close to each other in response to Glanville’s strong, uninhibited remarks.

The long-standing feud between LeAnn and Brandi began after Eddie left the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in 2009. Cibrian cheated on his former wife in the same year before putting an end to their marriage to make way for his union with the renowned country singer. Since then, the bitter feud between the two lovely stars sparked flames of controversies and counterattacks left and right. It even came to a point where Brandi asked LeAnn Rimes to ‘leave her alone’ after she claimed that Rimes would follow her current boyfriend, Donald “DJ” Friese on Snapchat and showed up at every shows and venue they were at.

During the live opening night for Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother, Brandi wasted not a second to rant about LeAnn and her ex-husband. When Glanville was asked how she would react and feel if Eddie were to join her on the show, she unwittingly replied, “He’s so dumb. I see him all the time. He makes my skin crawl.

Later on, she adds fuel to the fire by further remarking that “When someone sleeps with someone else they are no longer attractive to you. All that is gone.

That wasn’t the end of her burning hot tirade against the two. Minutes after Glanville wrapped up the filming of her new show, she explicitly dropped both the c-word, and the f-bomb, “My ex-husband married a c***. I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a f**king drinking solution.

Sadly, Brandi and Eddie’s kids won’t be staying with the former Housewives star. They won’t be able to watch their mom as well since the show isn’t available in America. According to the Glanville, her children will be staying with LeAnn and Eddie for a couple of weeks, “I’ll more than make up for it afterward with a nice holiday for the boys. It’s no big deal.”

Do you think Brandi Glanville’s hateful remarks were uncalled for? If you ask us, we think it’s really hard to stay calm and civil especially when overwhelmed by strong matters of the heart. But, it takes a lot of willpower and self-control to take a deep breath and just let all the tension flow out of your system.


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