January 16

Our Kind of Country KNIVES: Why “EDC (Everyday Carry) One?


A VERY WONDERFUL DAY IT IS as always and today I feel like talking about them EDC’s…

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“…should I carry one in the first place…”

HMMN… Why should I carry one in the first place and second, what or which would be most appropriate?

“….every fine gentleman of a Country Boy or genteel woman of a Country Gal just gotta have one.”

FIRST OF ALL, I personally believe that every fine gentleman of a Country Boy or genteel woman of a Country Gal just gotta have one. Why so, you may wonder? Have you ever needed to cut some cordage or a little length o’twine to tie somethin’ down? Boxes… You have received quite a few in this lifetime, an’ most of ‘em boxes are taped up top right? Well, we don’t want to get them beautifully done nails broken don’t we? Heck, done or not, we wouldn’t want ‘em goin’ “SNAP” on us, right? Oysters… Some of us love ‘em an’ some of us don’t, but I shore do! And fish…! Yep, even them little pocket knives come in handy. How about those times when you’re about to head for an all-important meeting and you notice some thread stickin’ out of your suit or blouse? Them li’l knives with them tiny scissors would’ve come in very handy if you only had one right? These are just a few out of a whole plethora of reasons (not to mention, “other emergencies”) why to have them EDC’s. Big or Small, it would be a very good idea to have in one’s pocket or coat at any given day.

JUST A TREAT for all you Kind Folks…

“What, or which kind would be most appropriate?”

NOW WE GO to our next question, “What, or which kind would be most appropriate?”

GENERALLY-speaking, it is simply a matter of choice. Not that easy really if you are a “newbie” to the Wonderful World of EDC. Hehehe. A good Rule of Thumb (when choosing) if you come face-to-face with a splendid selection of Swiss Army Knives? Or similar multi-tools? For starters, we would consider what intending to use them for and/or which function you may often need. Are you a hobbyist or adventurer up for a Tinker or a Forester? Or (even) a true-to-life McGyver sort of fella that you’d want a Champ? Or you just need something really small? A Classic to put in a keyring to clean your nails with, snip something off or open a package, would be fine.

A FOLDER TO CARRY in your pocket or of easy-access in your Bugout Bag? It still is a matter of preference…

LIKE, LET’S SAY, would it be for Rescue or something a bit more Tactical for making them rounds? Or would you prefer something very simple and handy like yer grampappy’s trusty ol’ Buck or Case knife to whittle away with?

“…check them FORUMS out for options and Reviews about knives to figure out what best suits you.”

THERE’S A WIDE AND VERY SPLENDID collection out there that you could choose from. You may even check them FORUMS out for options and Reviews about knives to figure out what best suits you.

FINALLY, DO ENJOY YOUR “QUEST” AND SHOPPING for that Perfect Knife to do the job!

THIS IS Our Kind of Country and, as ALWAYS,



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